• Be prepared for
    anything, always.

    Hoist up. Tie down. Never lose your stuff.


Most tools fail over time.

Set, lock, and release with one hand.

Tie Boss' patented, serrated jam cleat is similar to a Venetian blind, which makes it easy to maneuver without needing both of your hands.

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Everyday Basics

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Organization & Storage

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Outdoor Adventures

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Hoist things up.

Nothing ruins the motivation of getting a project done like realizing you have a bigger job than your own two hands can accomplish, especially when heavy lifting is involved.

Product Recommendation: Block & Tackle
Maximum load limit: 300 lbs

With the Block & Tackle, you don't have to wait around for help to lift heavy objects such as:

  • 5th wheel hitch
  • lawn mower
  • snow plow blades

Easily conquer big projects by yourself.

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Tie things down.

Moving furniture and gear around is hard enough, without the added stress of things shifting and threatening to fly out of your truck and onto the highway.

Product Recommendation: 1/4" Tie Boss Maximum load limit: 150 lbs

Using the 1/4" Tie Boss in your truck or trailer allows you to quickly and securely fasten down:

  • patio furniture
  • lawn equipment
  • golf cart
  • dimensional lumber
  • appliances
  • a load for the dump

Get where you're going with confidence.

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Storage Solutions:
For Light-Weight Hoisting

WWhether the kids can't use the kickstand or the dog's constantly bumping them over, bicycles tend to end up in a heap on the garage floor.

Product Recommendation: Two 1/4" Tie Bosses'
Maximum load limit: 150 lbs (Add our custom pulley to make the job even easier!)

With two Tie Bosses, you can lift and store:

  • bicycles
  • ladders
  • whatever else is in your way

Keep your things protected and out of the way.

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Kayak Hanger Sling:
For Medium-Weight Hoisting

When your car no longer fits in the garage, it's probably time to find a better place to stash your stuff.

Product Recommendation: Hanger Sling
Maximum load limit: 150 lbs
(Add our custom pulley to make the job even easier!)

Using the Hanger Sling allows you to lift your:

  • kayak
  • canoe
  • paddleboard
  • car carrier

Store your things up off the ground and let your car return to its rightful place.

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Hard Top Sling:
For Heavy-Weight Hoisting

Feeling the wind in your hair is a carefree way to cruise, until it comes to getting your Hard Top on and off, let alone figuring out where to store it.

Product Recommendation: Hard Top Sling
Maximum load limit: 300 lbs

Maneuvering and storing awkward, heavy items is simple with the Hard Top Sling. In one motion, you can lift and stow your:

  • Hard Top
  • canoe
  • fiberglass truck cab

Safely store your heaviest things without worry.

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Proudly made in the USA.

Tie Boss products are manufactured in Piqua, Ohio.

We're so confident in our team's work that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on critical components in the entire Tie Boss product line.