• American made.

"I was never confident my stuff was secure."

- Rich, Tie Boss Product Manager

As the owners of Tie Boss and avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know firsthand what a pain hoisting, storing, hauling, and loading can be. The thought of manhandling heavy gear and fussing with corroded ratchets and tie downs can easily kill any sort of motivation we had to get out at all.

Honestly, though, it has always been about more than just the hassle for us. Before Tie Boss, we found ourselves, repeatedly, loading our trucks and then spending the better part of the drive watching in the rearview mirror, hoping our rigging would hold. When we discovered just how easy Tie Boss was to use and how securely it held our stuff, we knew it was a game-changer. So, we bought the company.

Now proudly made in Piqua, Ohio, our entire Tie Boss team is passionate about helping doers spend less time in prep and tear down and more time enjoying the things they love.

Hoist up. Tie down.

Never look back.

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