Take Back Your Garage
With Tie Boss

Messy Garage?

Are you constantly tripping over loose items in your garage? Do you have so much junk that you can’t even park your car? You’re not alone. 36% of Americans face this same issue, and 62% consider their garage the most cluttered part of their home. It’s time to take it back!

At Tie Boss, we've developed the perfect solution to help you reclaim your space. With our 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch Tie Boss, you can easily hoist your items into the air, freeing up valuable floor space. Whether it's kayaks, ladders, bikes, Thules, storage bins, or any other tools you have lying around, Tie Boss can handle it all.


Here's How It Works:

Tie Boss features a jam cleat that grips the rope securely. All you must do is pull the rope, and when tension is applied, it will lodge deeper into the jam cleat, ensuring a firm hold. This works great when you need to hoist things off of the ground,

When you are ready to lower your gear, simply pull the rope out to a 20 degree angle and let the rope slide through your hands until the desired height is reached. Once again, move the rope in towards the jam cleat and it will lock in place. No ladders need to be climbed or buttons pressed. 

Tie Boss is also one of the safest tools on the market. If you accidentally lose your grip and let go of the rope, it will catch in the jam cleat, ensuring everyone's safety. It truly turns a two-person job into a one-person operation.

The 1/4" Working Load Limit is 150 lbs, and the 3/8" Working Load Limit is 300lbs.



If you need some extra assistance on your lift, you can add a as many pulleys as you'd like. One pulley gives you a 2 to 1 mechanical advantage, while adding two pulleys will give you a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage. 

For all you kayakers out there, you're in luck. We sell a Kayak Hanger Sling that is compatible with all sizes of kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, and thules. The sling is adjustable with 9 feet of webbing on each side. Simply, attach the sling to your kayak and take the two 1/4" Tie Boss that come in the kit and connect them to the O rings. Once this is done, you can freely hoist up your kayak up and out of the way. 

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Take A Look at What Our Cust0mers Have To Say


Amanda F.

I've always struggled with keeping my garage organized, but Tie Boss has been a game changer! With the 1/4-inch I easily hoisted my kayaks and bikes up and out of the way. Now, I have so much more floor space, and I can actually park my car inside. It's incredibly easy to use!


Johm M

Thanks to Tie Boss, my garage has never been more organized. I used to have ladders and E-Bikes cluttering up the floor, but now everything is neatly hung up and out of the way. The jam cleat mechanism is super secure, so I never have to worry about anything falling. I highly recommend Tie Boss to anyone looking to declutter their space!

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Heading title

"Tie Boss is an absolute lifesaver! I used to dread going into my cluttered garage, but now it's a breeze to find what I need. I hung up all my Thules and tools with ease, and the extra floor space makes a world of difference. The best part is how simple it is to use—it's like having an extra set of hands. I can't imagine my garage without it now!"