Watch The Tie Boss Block and Tackle System Hoist a 275 lbs Outboard Motor!

This is a great video.  It's like being a fly on the wall as someone figures out, uses and then evaluates our product.  

He purchased our product at the Osh Kosh show and now he's putting it to use.  

The fact that he even trusted our product to be strong enough to hold this engine up, especially near his car is incredible.

Tie Boss Orange Block and Tackle

Basically he used our block and tackle system to hoist an outboard motor up and hold it steady so he can work on it. 

By using the Tie Boss system it allows him to get the job done without renting a hoist. Although a hoist is always nice, and sounds pretty inexpensive, 
you have to drive, rent it, put it together, do the job, take it apart, drive and drop it off.

How much better is it to have a hoisting system in your garage to use whenever you want! 

The video is only 15 minutes but you can see the quality of our product, the size, the ease of use and the practicality.  Although per his calculation the 275 lb motor should feel like 36 lbs with each arm, it definitely appears to be harder, but still very doable.  

Tie Boss for the win.  You can find our Block and Tackle System HERE.