Balloonists secure their gear

Tie Boss works great for Balloonists

As a hot air balloonist, it is necessary to secure various components of my balloon system for transport both inside my trailer as well as outside my car on a hitch platform. Prior to finding the tie boss, I used a variety of ratchet straps and bungee cords to secure my equipment. Most days were challenging with those systems,  especially in the cold winter months. The ratchets would rust, jam, lock and god forbid the strap came out and I had to rethread it. The bungees were no better in that they bent and snapped back, stretched out of shape and caused a few bumps and bruises along the way.

I was introduced to Tie Boss two years ago at a large trade show in the North East US. Since then, my tie down issues have evaporated. This product is everything they say it is. The most important aspect of any tie down system is that of securing the load and Tie Boss does that very well. The bonus is the ease in which this happens.

I am a champion for this product and tell everyone I know about it. I recently expanded my tool kit to include the tie Boss block and tackle system. It saves my back in managing a heavy load that I formerly struggled with by myself and once again it is simple to use. You can’t go wrong with Tie Boss!!!

Santo Galatioto
Orange, Connecticut

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