Johnny Gregory
Healthful Living Organic Farm
Madison, NC

Bungee Cord Accident

"I have had several bungees break over the years, usually while pulling away from myself. This time was different- and dangerous.While kneeling and pulling upwards on a hooked rubber bungee it broke. My hands had the bungee but the unleashed tension in the strap propelled hands and the metal bungee hook right up into my eye at 60 mph. That is a figure from a safety warning article on their speed. I was not wearing any safety glasses as EVERYONE MUST when using bungees."

"Luckily this accident did not put out my eye and I can see. The doctor didn't see how there was no corneal abrasion, 16 stitches later. He told me that MANY eye injuries he sees are from bungee straps. My brother-in-law is the Emergency Department Chief at another hospital who says the same thing about the frequency of bungees being involved in the eye accidents they see."

"My eyelid thankfully protected my eye. The eyelid received a inch and a quarter-long horizontal slice across the eyelid and an up-and-down cut. The bungee hook had simultaneously sliced the eyelid into halves up and down. After being stitched up at the hospital for 2 hours by an eye surgeon, I immediately searched on the internet for a safer alternative to bungees to prevent this ever happening to my family and friends at the farm. I happily found and ordered 6 Tie Bosses. Thanks for coming out with this safer product for everybody."

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