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"This is perfect for tying down my RV awnings – my campsite is set up in minutes."

Randy Lane, Corcoran, MN

My bungee cord story:

"I have had several bungees break over the years, usually while pulling away from myself. This time was different- and dangerous.While kneeling and pulling upwards on a hooked rubber bungee it broke. My hands had the bungee but the unleashed tension in the strap propelled hands and the metal bungee hook right up into my eye at 60 mph. That is a figure from a safety warning article on their speed. I was not wearing any safety glasses as EVERYONE MUST when using bungees."


Johnny Gregory
Healthful Living Organic Farm
Madison, NC

"The Tie Boss Block and Tackle is simple to use and turns a two-man job into a one-man job. It worked great for getting my buck hoisted up the meat pole."

Larry Russell, Attica, MI

"Finally!  An easy to use tie down that won't rust or jam when exposed to salt and sand. Tie Boss makes it easy to transport my lawn equipment in the summer and snowmobiles in the winter - without taking off my gloves!"

Duane Wade, Corcoran, MN

"This is the best tie down on the market. I can load and unload my ATV in minutes - Tie Boss has never failed!"

Jon Koopmans, Lethbridge AB, Canada

"I use Tie Boss to secure my canoe to the top of my car and always have an extra set in my pack for camping.  They are great for securing packs and coolers off the ground and so much easier and safer to use than bungees!" 

Carol Byer, Kalispell, MT

"I went on Craigslist and found some patio furniture. I drove to Bloomington to pick it up (in my Saab)!! Large round glass top table and 4 chairs and umbrella. I put it all in the back (don’t ask how) and used my 1 little Tie Boss to hold the entire thing together. The guy I bought the set from was so impressed at this little Tie Boss, he sent me an email asking where he could get some!"


"I was driving up to my cabin with a fully loaded SUV. Two lasagna pans were on top of my dog's crate and they were sliding all over the place as we drove. We got out our Tie Boss and tied down the pans and it worked perfectly. Thank you Tie Boss, dinner that night was tasty!"


"This is the best block and I have used, and I've been using them for over 50 years!  Quality and durability were all excellent, but its best feature is the simple lock and release."

John Davis, Orlando FL

"We are so happy to have our kayak stored safely, securely and out of the way of our vehicles in our garage. Now we have peace of mind that our kayak will be safe from storms and the damaging effects of the sun when not in use. We highly recommend the Tie Boss Kayak storage system!"

Capt. Bobby Aylesworth, St. Petersburg
FL" BAITMASTERS/Aylesworth's Fish & Bait

"Tie Boss is an excellent product you do not find at Hardware Stores, ideal for Hobbyists, installation is a breeze … fool proof, easy to use and operates flawlessly. My plane is hanging from the roof in my garage, where I keep and confidently leave my cars below where the plane is hanging."

Luis Rosales, El Salvador

"...I was impressed after trying Tie Boss tie downs last winter. These 3m (10’), 3/8” rope tie downs have no moving parts. The 124kg (275lb) max load rope runs through a patented, serrated jam cleat and either locks securely into place or releases easily with one hand." 

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Craig Nicholson, The Intrepid Snowmobiler

"What I liked about the product was how easy it was to secure. I could pull it tight to secure it with one hand and could even do so with winter gloves with no loss of effectiveness. Also, releasing the Tie Boss is quite simple as well. Compared to similar products on the market, there are no hard to reach releasing mechanisms on this one."

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Jonathan Fassnacht, Military Hunting and Fishing

"It works as advertised. Easy to use, and it makes cutting moderate-sized logs far easier than having them on the ground or on a standard log holder."

Blair Lindsay - Review on Amazon

"I am a champion for this product and tell everyone I know about it. I recently expanded my tool kit to include the Tie Boss block and tackle system. It saves my back in managing a heavy load that I formerly struggled with by myself and once again it is simple to use. You can’t go wrong with Tie Boss!!!"


Santo Galatioto, Orange, Connecticut

We have had Tie Boss straps for less than a year but love the ease of use.  For some reason my wife struggles with ratchet tie downs but uses these with ease.  We mostly use them for our ATV's and kayaks but have also used them for hauling things from the hardware store. What I like most is the ability to essentially tie into itself, allowing more torque for better holding power.  I highly recommend to anyone considering purchasing!

Trent Westfall, Kennewick, WA

I use Tie Boss to hang my kayaks up in the garage... I recently bought a new kayak that weighs 100 lbs, the Tie Boss hanger sling with a pulley worked so great for lifting it up, I have since ordered more for my other kayaks.  Love Tie Boss!! Works great!

Brad Henry

"I got a load of wood last weekend and your JawBoss worked great!  I just get standing dead lodge pole pine up to 9" or so buck into 10-16 footers, insert and buck up.  The JawBoss held the logs perfectly and everything is alot cleaner. You designed a great product!"

Curt Currie

We had a snowmobile rescue last season and the Tie Boss block and tackle was essential in recovering it. A rider had attempted a climb and was kicked off their machine. The machine rolled into an extremely steep section upside down and butted nose first into a treewell. Due to the angle of the slope it wasn’t going to be possible to pull the back end of sled around without having it roll down the slope and over some exposed rocks and into more trees. Using the Tie Boss block and tackle, 3 riders were able to easily pull a mountain sled with a track full of snow up out of the treewell, anchor it without worrying about losing ground, and flip it over onto it’s skis so it could be ridden out. Without a Tie Boss block and tackle system I have no doubt the machine would have rolled down the slope with considerable damage, likely leaving the rider without a machine to ride out of the back country.

Mike King

By far the best block and tackel I have ever used!


Richard Baese, Salt Lake City, Utah

I use the Tie Boss hanger sling to lift my ice fishing sled.  Inside the sled is my hut and all of the gear I need to go out for the day. I can lift the sled by myself and lowering it is easy and safe which is what I like most about the system.  Thanks for a great product!

David Haight, Lethbridge, AB

I just wanted to let you know what a great product Tie Boss tie downs are.  I've tried almost every type of rachet and cinch strap onthe market, and found that the Tie Boss are far, far superior. They are so easy to use and once they are tightened and connected they stay that way. I swear by and love these tie downs and would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!  Thank you for such an awesome product and keep up the great work!

Marshall Hans Jr, Bella Coola, BC