Tie Boss - Superior Design

Tie Boss Jam Cleat

Engineered to set, lock, and release with one hand.

The secret to the patented Tie Boss’s ease of use is a serrated jam cleat – similar to a Venetian blind. Simply attach hooks and pull rope to lift up or tie down almost any load – quickly and safely!

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Compare TIE BOSS to Other Tie Downs

TIE BOSS Other Tie Downs
Instant lock and release Difficult to release and adjust loads
No moving parts to break or jam Loose parts (buttons, pins, axels, wheels, cogs) can fail
One product can tie down and lift up Ratchets and bungees not effective for lifting loads
One hand operation Second hand needed to release load
No stretching or snapping back Bungees and straps stretch and snap back
No need to remove gloves or mitts to use Cannot operate without removing gloves
Lift and lower loads with one person Requires ladder and second hand to release load. Need second person to hold weight of released load
Silent operation Annoying ratchet clicking or vibrating straps
Year round use Ratchets corrode in wet, cold weather