Hanger Sling Instructions

The instructions below begin after you have installed your ceiling hooks.  Ceiling hook installation should be done according the ceiling hook manufacturer's instructions.  Hooks must be the appropriate size/strength to hold the weight of the item you're hanging.  Tie Boss is not responsible for inadequate hooks or improper installation of ceiling hooks.

When installing the hooks, make sure they are secure and are the same distance apart as the straps on the product.  Once hooks have been properly installed:

  1. Secure straps around each end of the kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, etc.
  2. Make sure the strap is far enough in from each end so that when lifting, the high end does not slip off.
  3. With the O Ring facing up, and the cross straps facing inward toward each other, connect the cross straps and tighten.
  4. Connect the Tie Boss head hooks to the ceiling hooks.
  5. Roll the webbing up to the buckle and secure the Velcro strip attached to the webbing.  Or, extra length of the strap can be tied to the O ring for extra security.
  6. Hook both Tie Boss tail hooks to the O rings and lift.

Below is a promotional video showing an individual using the Hanger Sling.