Using Your Tie Boss

Simply attach hooks and pull rope to lift or tie down almost any load!

Always evaluate workload and inspect Tie Boss and rope before using.

Read Warnings and Warranty information before using.

Never use Tie Boss to hold human weight.

Remember a workload secured with Tie Boss Tie Down will only be as strong as Tie Boss Tie Down load limits and to what the hooks are attached.

Inspecting and Replacing Rope
Rope will stretch and degrade with time and use. Use Tie Boss supplied rope or Tie Boss approved rope ONLY. All ropes are not made the same way and can stretch, fray or break differently. Tie Boss guarantees performance only with Tie Boss approved rope. Always test a new rope to ensure that Tie Boss Tie Down teeth engage rope and holds without slipping.


Tie Boss Recommends tying a double half hitch under lock tab for extra security during transit or storage.