Jaw Boss Instructions

Use JawBoss with lumber and logs ONLY

Weight limit: Do not exceed 125 pounds (56.7 kgs)

Hitch pin required for use - Pin not included

  1. Place JB- 400 Main Shaft on a flat and stable surface.  Make sure that of the 2 diagonal holes in the main shaft, the one furthest away from the hole for the hitch pin is facing up.
  2. Slide JB-200 and JB-300 into the main shaft in the opposite end from the hole for the hitch pin to form the V.(Note: They may need to be tapped in) Slide the bolt through the hole in the main shaft and the holes in both JB-200 and JB-300, which are now in the main shaft and completely tighten the nut and bolt.
  3. Align JB-100 holes with the 2 diagonal holes in the main shaft and insert bolts first through the JB-100 then through the shaft.  Make sure the JB-100 angles toward the V.  Slide the second JB-100 onto the bolts coming out the other side of the main shaft and HAND tighten the nuts to the 2 bolts.
  4. Next insert a bolt in the top hole of the JB-100 with the sleeve between the 2 JB-100. This sleeve makes a great handle for transporting. IMPORTANT tighten this bolt all the way first. Then tighten the 2 nuts and bolts that hold the 2 JB-100 to the main shaft. Then add a bolt to the remaining hole in the JB-100's between the top bolt and the main shaft.  IMPORTANT do not over tighten, let the 2 JB-100 at this point stay the same distance apart as the main shaft keeps them when tightened.