Tie Down Your ATV

How to Secure ATV or Snowmobile on Trailer

Tie downs shall be attached to the mounting points on the vehicle that are specifically designed for that purpose.

Always use (4) Tie Boss 3/8" Tie Downs - one is each corner.  Tie downs shall restrain the vehicle from moving sideways, forward, backward and vertically.

Read Instructions for Use and Warnings to prevent injury. Tie Boss LLC is not responsible in any way for the attachment or installation of Tie Boss and is not liable for any damage resulting from its attachment or improper use. Liability of this product is limited to purchase price it Tie Boss Tie Down proves to be defective in material and / or workmanship.

To Secure 1200 lb. Vehicle:

  • Use four (4) 3/8" TIE BOSS
  • Secure each corner to trailer (See Four Step instructions below)
  • Each 3/8" Tie Boss is rated for 300 lbs. or 136 kgs

To Secure 1500 lb. Vehicle:

  • Use four (4) 3/8" TIE BOSS (See Four Step instructions below)
  • Add additional 3/8" Tie Boss across vehicle (anchor point to anchor point)
  • Each 3/8" Tie Boss is rated for 300 lbs. or 136 kgs

Four Step Instructions

Step 1:
Step 1
Attach head hook to anchor point on truck.
Step 2:
Step 2
Thread tail hook through ATV Rack.
Step 3:
Step 3
Secure tail hook into hole in Tie Boss body.
Step 4:
Step 4
Pull rope to tighten.

Repeat on all corners of ATV.
Step 1