One Pulley Set Up

One Pulley Block and Tackle Set Up
  1. Install Hooks and Rope (see Diagrams 1-3 as shown earlier)
  2. Ensure rope is long enough. One pulley setup requires rope length = 3 times distance lifted
  3. Attach head hook to secure location, allowing rope to hang freely (see Diagram 5, A)
  4. Insert tail hook into hole at open end of Tie Boss Tie Down body (closest to LOCK tab), adjusting tension to form a long hanging loop (see Diagram 5, B)
  5. With pull rope in locked position, drop pulley onto hanging loop (see Diagram 5, C)
  6. Pull down on pulley hook, ensuring rope rests into groove of pulley wheel
  7. Attach weight or item to be lifted onto pulley hook (see Diagram 5, D)