Securing Loads

Set, Lock, Release
  1. Attach head hook and tail hook to sturdy locations (separate from load) Select locations that ensure load will be held in place when Tie Boss rope is tightened. Remember a workload secured with Tie Boss Tie Down will only be as strong as to what the hooks are attached.
  2. TO SET: Pull free rope until desired tension is obtained, then with same tension lower rope into teeth to automatically lock rope into place.
  3. TO LOCK: Always secure rope by locking it under LOCK Tab. Tie Boss recommends tying a double half hitch under lock tab for extra security during transit or storage.
  4. TO RELEASE: Before releasing a load, ensure that it will not result in a dangerous shift and that area around is safe. Remove rope from under LOCK Tab. Grip rope and pull with more tension / weight than load and lift it out of teeth at a 45° degree angle, release load by allowing rope to pass through Tie Boss Tie Down.